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It's Time to Celebrate

I've recently been thinking about how important it is to celebrate our efforts and our sucesses, maybe even some of our failures. Without celebrations thrown in, life and work would only be about toil and seem a bit like a never-ending checklist.


All those ceremonies that come after sports seasons and school years are important. It helps us reflect on a time in our lives and what it means to us. We are able to celebrate what we learned, recognize those we are grateful for, and consider the experience as a whole. 


Think about what life might be like if we didn't celebrate birthdays, milestone events, or holidays. What if we never took a vacation from all the things we put on our "to do" list. Would our quality of life be the same? or significantly different? 


This past week, we celebrated National Pollinator Week at Saint Gaudens in Cornish. Part of the celebration was recognizing student art work through the Seed Packet Art Project exhibit opening. We celebrated with food, drinks, popsicles, art, caterpillars and other activities. Smiles, exclamations of surprise and wonder, and genuine interactions with other were some of the rewards of this celebration. 


I encourage you to find things to celebrate this summer (and throughout the year). Celebrate the little things and BIG. Play outside, eat a treat, dance, fly a kite, visit a special place or person. Do something to recognize accomplishments, share your gratitude, and reflect. I would love to hear what you celebrate and how you do it. 


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