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Monarch or Viceroy?

I saw my first monarch a couple of weeks ago. They have made it to New England and are searching for young milkweed to lay their eggs on. They are also searching for colorful flowers nearby that provide them with energy-rich nectar. This seems earlier than last year, but I might say that every year! Just after noticing the monarch, I saw a monarch mimic...a viceroy butterfly. Viceroys are smaller, fly more erractically, and have a black line running through their bottom wings. They mimic the monarch for protection. Monarchs ingest chemicals form the milkweed that get integrated into their bodies, which makes them poisonous or at the very least, taste bad, to potential predators. Viceroys w

A New Way Forward

A new brief from the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) in Berkeley, a science center and leader in developing K-12 science curricula, shows that many organizations that provide environmental education are at risk of never reopening because of the pandemic. “This is happening at a time when public health leaders are promoting the value of outdoor learning as safe, engaging, effective and essential,” Rena Dorph, director of the LHS, said. “The outdoors is a resource for learning, engagement and health, and it should be available to all.” Outdoor learning is essential for students to connect to the world around them including to the people in their communities. In the Upper Valley, using the local

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