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My, What Sharp Teeth You Have

Check out this chain pickerel my nephew caught this summer! Pickerel are in the pike family, which consist of torpedo shaped fish with large mouths filled with razor sharp teeth (though you can't see it in them in this picture). You might notice that there are pliers on the seat that were used to get the hook out, so we could release this fish afterwards. They are found in shallow areas with lots of vegetation where they hide out and wait to ambush their prey. Right in the Pickerel Weed - probably named after these fish being found there. They can eat fish almost the same size as they are! They also eat crayfish, frogs, and mice if they get the chance.

They're Back!

Monarchs have been sighted nectaring on clover in hayfields, laying eggs on young milkweed, and flying by in the sky. It may seem like they are late this year, but that is just because last year they were early and so abundant that everyone took notice. The last weeks of July are their usual time to breed in New England. This may be my favorite time of year. Last week, Alison Marchione, Upper Valley Land Trust's program director, joined me and a small group of curious people at Up on the Hill Conservation Area to monitor the breeding population of monarchs. Butterflies like to fly during the hottest time of day and their nectar sources are usually found in sunny locations. So we were sweatin

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