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Mt. Kearsarge

This year, I plan to visit all of NH's State Parks, waysides, and historic sites. In May, I visited 14 state parks, thanks to a long weekend.

One of the special places I visited last month was Mt. Kearsarge just north of Sullivan County. Both Rollins SP and Winslow SP have trails that go to the top of Mt. Kearsarge. I hiked them both. At the parking areas, black flies were swarming, but as soon as I started hiking, I was able to leave them behind. It was a steep climb, no matter which way you went and very rocky. I love to climb over rocks and boulder, so I was in my happy place. 

At some point, the forest transitions from northern hardwood to spruce-fir forest. The high elevation evergreen forests are dark and cool. Great on a hot day. The forest eventually gave way to open rocks and a nice breeze. On the mountain top I saw 3 types of butterflies - a tiny blue one, a painted lady, and a mourning cloak - all warming themselves on the rocks. There weren't many people hiking as it was during the week.

I decided to take the 1 mile loop trail into Rollins SP, because the gate at the bottom of that park was still closed. This was a beautiful trail, great view points. I scared a garter snake soaking up the rays in the path on my descent and climbed hand over foot up some boulders on my way back up on the Lincoln trail. I returned to the Winslow SP parking area on the longer trail, so it wouldn't be so steep. Great views of the presidentials opened up near some alpine bogs.

I ended the day by sticking my feet in Kezar Lake in Sutton, NH. Wadleigh State Park runs along part of the lake and provides a wooded beach with picnic tables. I saw some loons and enjoyed the cool water and pretty view. Many people were out in kayaks enjoying the lake. 


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