Get Involved 

Sullivan County welcomes volunteers to help out with natural resources, conservation, and environmental education projects.  We couldn't do the work we do without them!


We also encourage educators to consider our service learning projects.  We want to partner with your students so we all benefit.


Please contact us if you are interested and we will make sure your skills are well used.  Check out our current needs for volunteers.

volunteers collecting water quality data on ponds

We are currently looking for volunteers for the:

Service Learning

Sullivan County welcomes educators, school groups, organizations, and community members to volunteer through service learning projects.  We want to create partnerships where everyone benefits from the experience.  We will also provide educators with curriculum surrounding these projects to create a more holistic learning experience for students.  These are just a few of the projects we have come up with, but if you have other ideas for service learning, we want to hear them!

Pond Studies

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Mission Monarch



The Conservation District could use your help with natural resources, conservation, and environmental education projects throughout the year.  Do you like  get your hands dirty in the garden, create lesson plans, work with kids, enter data into computers, design promotional materials, organize things, make food for events, or take photographs? Whatever your skill set, we can use it! Let us know how you would like to get involved by filling out our Volunteer Survey.

We can use volunteers for these projects and more! 

volunteer teaching students about geology

Thank You!

​Trail Maintenance

  • Sprucing up the 4 mile trail each spring.

  • Renewing trail blazes

  • Creating erosion control measures

  • Changing out information signage

Community Events

  • Helping with logistics 

  • Making food for events

  • Decorating for events

Data Entry

  • Keeping track of conservation work

  • Mapping Agricultural land

  • Photo inventory of County Lands

  • Creating files in FarmOS

Biotic Inventory - iNaturalist

  • Explore County Lands and take photos of all living things you encounter.

  • Help us ID these things

Surveying and Mapping Lands and Ponds

  • Map of Marshall Pond Depths/Temps

  • Boundary Line painting

  • Creating Maps for management use

Plant Sale

  • Sort Plants

  • Pick up Plants from Nurseries

  • Help on Pick-up day

  • Research local nurseries

  • Distribute Order Forms


  • collecting seed

  • storing and packaging seed

  • watering in high tunnels

  • recording pollinators that visit flowers

  • recording times plants bloom

  • mulching/composting

  • providing supplies

  • shed and fence construction

  • weeding/planting


Education Programs

  • organizing supplies

  • teaching

  • being and extra hand

  • leading a workshop

  • mapping partners/schools

  • grant writing

  • lesson creation

  • Stream Table Demos

  • Sewing skills



  • taking photographs

  • designing and mailing holiday greetings

  • designing signs for garden

  • writing press releases and articles for blog and Facebook

  • designing fliers for programs

  • distributing fliers to communities

  • taking video and editing it

  • helping with eNews - education or conservation focus