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We have resources for educators, gardeners, and producers.  Stay connected through our monthly Educator's eNewsletter and/or our Natural Resources eNewsletter to receive updates on events, projects and programs. Borrow the stream table or the Soil Tunnel through our loan programs. Find a local farm and connect to partners that provide financial and technical assistance for growers. Learn about local funding opportunities.

For Educators

Loan Programs

Stream Table &

Soil Tunnel 

For Educators


Education & Outreach

Upcoming Programs

Resource Lists

Curriculum, Funding, Service Learning

Loan Programs


Sullivan County Conservation District (SCCD) owns a demonstration stream table thanks to a generous grant from New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The stream table is available to teachers or organization leaders to loan for their classroom or event. 


This is a great hands on teaching tool to introduce or enhance a water unit, lesson, or event.  It simulates the basic principles of river behavior, channel morphology, and sediment transport.  The stream table will be delivered to your site and setup.  It comes with instructions, tools and accessories, a curriculum aligned to NGSS, and an introductory lesson taught by SCCD staff. 

Not sure how to use the Stream Table in your classroom?  Check out the links below to get some ideas.

To reserve the stream table or for more information please contact the Education and Outreach Specialist by phone or email and fill out the Rental Agreement.

Loan Programs
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The soil tunnel is available to teachers or organization leaders to loan for their classroom or event.  It was realized because of a generous donation from a private donor.


This is a great hands on teaching tool to introduce or enhance a soils unit, lesson, habitat exploration, food webs, humans dependence on soil and use on parent nights.  The outside depicts soil horizons, compost layers, and aquatic soil layers, while the inside depicts the underground world in a forest on one side and in a yard on the other side.


The soil tunnel will be delivered to your site and setup.  It comes with flashlights and a lesson taught by SCCD staff as the schedule allows.  We are working on creating an activities guide to go along with it.  


It takes up a large space in the classroom when it is set-up (4' tall x 4' wide x 8' long) and is made out of PVC pipe and fabric.  It is available for use outdoors as well under tents or on days with no chance of rain.


To reserve the soil tunnel or for more information please contact the Education and Outreach Specialist by phone or email and fill out the Rental Agreement.


GET OUTSIDE AND LEARN (for educators)

​The newsletter is chock full of all the happenings here in Sullivan County, NH related to education and outreach. It contains spotlights on teachers, student projects and partners, summaries and links to curricula, grants, and funding opportunities, information about upcoming events, photos, and more!

We want this to be a great resource for subscribers, so we would love for you to contribute stories and photos of your own as well as share any articles or resources that you have found to be useful in implementing place-based education (PBEE) in the Sullivan County.  

If you would like to submit an article to the newsletter or blog, please contact Dawn Dextraze: You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Stay connected to Sullivan County programs and resources by signing up to receive our monthly Education and Outreach Newsletter.  


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Resource Lists
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Other Resources

We have been compiling resources on specific topics for use by educators and community members. These pages list organizations, people, webpages, tools, and apps that are relevant to each topic.  If you don't see the topic you are interested in here, contact us and we would be happy to create a resource page for you.

For Producers
Equipment Rentals
Other Resources

For Producers

Find support on the local, county, state, and federal levels including small and large scale production tools, agricultural workshops and meetings, and plant sales.

Equipment Rentals

Garden Tools, Farming Tools, Cider Making Tools


Upcoming Events


Other Resources

NRCS, Farm Bureau,

Plant Sale

Equipment Rentals


Sullivan County does not have equipment of our own. We suggest you check with Cheshire County Conservation District located in Walpole, NH.

Their tools include:

  • No-till Seeder

  • Wood Ash and Lime Spreader            

  • Aerway Aerator

  • Roller Crimper

  • Subsoiler

  • Penetrometer

  • ZRX No-till Corn Planter with Roller Crimpers

Check their website for Prices, Rental Agreements, and Contact Information.

equipment rentals CCCD.png

Natural Resources eNewsletter (for everyone)

Be the first to know about agriculture and natural resources related programming and funding sources in Sullivan County as well as get monthly updates on current SCCD projects and volunteer needs by signing up to be on our mailing list. (This is separate from the monthly Educators newsletter.) 

Natural Resources Conservation Service Newsletter

Get the latest conservation news from around the nation and stay up-to-date on best practices and funding opportunities for farmers.  Sign-up Now!

Other Resources

SCCD Spring Plant Sale

Order fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables and an assortment of trees, shrubs and pollinator plants for your farm or yard.  Pick them up all at one place. 

Farming Support

Need funding, technical assistance or general support?  Check out what the local offices of these organizations have to offer. 


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - Federal Assistance Programs including EQUIP and AMA.  The Walpole Field Office serves both Cheshire and Sullivan Counties.  11 Industrial Park Drive, Walpole, NH 03608; (603) 756-2988

  • Sullivan County Farm Bureau - The New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation is a membership organization dedicated to advocating for and educating the public about agriculture.  Great resources and support for farmers of all ages and experience levels.

  • UNH Cooperative Extension - Sullivan County Office is located in Newport, NH. They provide technical assistance and have many other programs for producers (i.e. marketing, mental health, etc).

  • Farmer's Market Legal Toolkit - includes legal resources, best practice recommendations, and case studies for market leaders on selecting and enhancing business structures, accepting SNAP benefits, and managing common risks.

  • Safe Round-up Alternatives - shares alternatives to using pesticides/herbicides in your garden including organic alternatives.

  • NHACD Conservation Planners - The 10 NH Conservation Districts have access to planners through the NH Association of Conservation Districts. Planners can provide technical assistance and planning services. 

  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) - The Farm Service Agency provides disaster relief and financial assistance programs to producers.

Sullivan County Public Cidery

Bring your apples to the cidery and utilize our small bladder press for a small fee. By appointment only during September and October. 

Cover Crop Bulk Sales

Order early, middle, and late season cover crop seed mix at bulk rates through your local conservation district. Contact us if you are interested and we'll send you info on our next sale.

For Consumers
Grow Local
Buy Local
Buy Local

Support local agriculture by buying produce and products at Farmer's Markets, becoming part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), picking your own food, or buying local products at area businesses.

Farms, Markets, Stands, CSAs


Shops & Grocery Stores

  • Claremont Spice and Dry Goods 

  • 100 Mile Market

  • Hannaford's

Eat Local

For Consumers

Vital Communities keeps a list of many of the farmer's markets, farm stands, and CSAs in the in the Upper Valley.  Check out their Eat Local page and search by products or places.  You can also find which restaurants, stores, and schools serve or sell local products.  We have highlighted the ones we know of in Sullivan County below.

Grow Local

Community Gardens, Garden Clubs

Buy Local

Farms, Farmer's Markets, Community Supported Agriculture 

Eat Local

Restaurants & Schools serving local produce

Grow Local

Growing your own food is as local as it gets and is a great way to conserve resources.  If you don't have the space or sunlight to grow in your own yard, you might consider connecting with a local Community Garden or joining a Garden Club.  

If you know of any other community gardens in Sullivan County that are not listed above, please let us know. 

Want to create your own Community Garden? UNH Cooperative Extension has a great resource to get you started: Community Gardening in NH: From the Ground Up.


Pick Your Own - A list for NH

  • Strawberries - Edgewater Farm, Cornish; Peachblow Farm, Charlestown

  • Blueberries - Bascom Road Blueberry Farm & Bartlett's Blueberry Farm, Newport

  • Raspberries - Beaver Pond Farm, Newport; Riverview Farm, Plainfield

  • Apples - Riverview Farm, Plainfield

  • Pumpkins - Riverview Farm, Plainfield

If you know of any other places in Sullivan County to buy local that are not listed above, please let us know. 

Eat Local

These restaurants and eateries serve local produce and products. These schools are part of the Farm to School Program that utilizes local, seasonal produce.   

  • Common Man, Claremont, NH

If you know of any other places in Sullivan County to eat local that are not listed above, please let us know. 

crockpot cooking.jpg
Apple Orchards - A Local List
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