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Gifts of the Harvest

The beginning of cool weather in the fall makes me think of harvest time, gathering together with friends and neighbors, and gives me the itch to start creating quilts again.

Last month, I gathered at the SCCD community garden for a harvest meal - some of which included veggies grown in the garden - butternut squash, tomatoes, basil, melons, kale, beans, etc. Even with a dry beginning the land produced an abundance this growing season.

Early this month I will have the pleasure of picking apples, grinding and pressing them into cider and sharing the Orchard's bounty with anyone who stops by for Sullivan County Cider Day.

And later in the month I will gather with naturalists, writers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts like myself to celebrate the wonders of creation and be inspired by their learnings and creative expressions of experiences they've had in nature.

All these things are treasures of the fall season for me. What do you consider gifts of the harvest? Join us for one of the many programs going on and let us know!

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