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Volunteer Spotlight: John Lambert

A go getter if there ever was one, John Lambert hit the ground running as a Natural Resources Dept. volunteer. This fall, he realized there was a need for more trail signs for the County Lands trail system and got to work figuring out how to make them. He utilizes the Claremont Makerspace to create professional style trail signage. It was a learning process that required new tools and practice, but he has got it down now and pumps out signs faster than we can figure out what we might need next!

John is a long time resident of Claremont. He recently sold his car dealership and retired. His home is an example of energy efficiency. He cares about his community and is always willing to go out of his way to help people out. We appreciate John's generosity and willingness to invest in his community.

Check out the trails and the new signs John made. Mark Richards, a volunteer that transitioned to staff this past June, placed some of the signs just last month. We are grateful for our dedicated volunteers and the skills and energy they bring with them! If you would like to volunteer, let us know. You can fill out this interest form and we will meet up with you to get to know you better and get you started.


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