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During the beginning of September, I noticed many monarchs nectaring on the red clover in the hayfields on the County Farm each afternoon. I had some tags with me, so I chased some of them down with an aerial net, carefully took them out and tagged them with a small sticker before releasing them. This same week, I had the pleasure of teaching for the first time since the pandemic started. A home school family came out to learn about the monarchs and tag them with me. 

As I watched the children running around the hayfield chasing monarchs, I considered the perseverance it takes to catch a butterfly. They can fly 25 mph and usually you get one good swoop of the net, before they fly straight up into the sky to find another place to nectar. This brought my thoughts to the monarch's migration and the perseverance they must have to make it to their overwintering spot in Mexico. They encounter storms, predators, mountains, vehicles, and buildings along the way and then have the challenge to find food, water, and a place to roost for the night. What makes them continue on? What is it that motivates them?

Perseverance is defined as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. This year especially has called on all of us as educators and as community members to find the strength and motivation to persevere! To overcome the obstacles in front of us and to continue to inspire, encourage, and support students as they learn and grow. What makes you continue on? What motivates you? Think of those things often and share them with others. We are in this together and we will persevere!


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