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Mycelium Matters

Mycelium are the roots, mushrooms are the fruit. Mycelium is underfoot everywhere.

I've written about the Wood Wide Web before, the mycelium network that connects plants to one another underground. This topic is pretty amazing, but did you know that mycelium matters to climate change as well?

When fungi are growing, they are sequestering carbon from plants. They also can break down stored carbon into carbohydrates creating nutrients for the soil.

Promoting a healthy mycelium network is a great way to mitigate climate change. Increasing biodiversity in your yards, school yards, and communities is one way of promoting health throughout an ecosystem including the underground world. Watch the video Climate Warriors (linked below) to learn more.

Check out Homegrown National Parks and Pollinator Pathways to learn ways you can increase the native biodiversity in your yard and communities.


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