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Making Their Mark

Ever wonder what it takes to make a mural - a large one - on the outside of a building? If so, allow me to share a little bit about the process.

First, the surface has to be sanded and cleaned by a pressure washer. The foundation of a mural is as important as the foundation of anything else that is built or created. If the foundation isn't good, it won't last very long. Then, the cracks have to filled and the primer goes on. The base color is painted over the primer and then the artist gets to work.

Allison Zito, the Natural Resources Dept. Summer Artist, had the added challenge of leading others in painting the mural. We wanted to make sure the community was involved in designing and painting the mural as the Public Cidery building where the mural is located is all about community coming together.

She painted outlines in white on the wall and then mixed colors in egg cartons for painters to color in the lines. Each person was given some tips and advice before making their mark on the mural. In total, 25 people helped to paint the mural and 11 of those were youth. Allison contunued to give encouragement along the way. During one of the sessions, she taught a bit of color theory to young artists, in another, shading was the focus. We were all taught how to clean the brushes well, so they could be used over and over again. Everyone that helped out learned something and felt a sense of accomplishment as they left for home.

The mural unveiling will happen on Cider Day, September 11th, around 1pm. There will be many other festivities to celebrate the beginning of cider season happening at the Sullivan County Complex too, including the Grand Opening of the Barrette Trail.


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