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"Here Comes the Sun..."

Don't get me wrong. I love winter. I am overjoyed by the first snow in the late fall. It reflects even small bits of sun and moonlight that get through winter's mostly overcast skies making the earth glow. The movement of animals in the field and forest are more obvious and much can be learned from observing and following them. Sunsets and stars are more vibrant. A whole new world of recreation opens up and nature is explored by breaking out the skis, snowshoes, sleds, and micro-spikes. Stews, soups, warm bread, cookies, and tea warm a body up from the inside. It's all a lot of fun...for a while anyways.

Spending so much of my adult life living in NC and TN, I still think spring should start in March! After 3 or 4 months of winter, I'm ready for sunshine, warmth, colors, growing things, running outside without bundling up. I'm ready for sailing, swimming, backpacking trips, gardening and biking. But it's not time for that yet in New England. This can sometimes get me down, so I do my best to be grateful for the good things in life, the special little things, and remember those that feel like they have nothing to be grateful for and encourage them. I also start to anticipate and plan for all my favorite spring things to come. This is the time of year when the future not only seems brighter, but actually is brighter every day. So the next time you are feeling the late winter blues, look up and remember the spring sunshine that is growing stronger everyday and be thankful!


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