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​Find past newsletter articles, press releases, and other media showcasing local agriculture, placed-based education, and conservation of natural resources in Sullivan County.

Get Outside and Learn

One major goal of this newsletter is to inspire our educational community to Get Outside And Learn, so I think it is time to change the name of this enewsletter to remind us of this GOAL each month. You will still receive the same great content. And as an added bonus this year, I will be including 2 new sections, Funding Opportunities and Professional Development. When I hear about opportunities, I will share them with you! As always, I am happy to include writing, photos, and artwork submitted by teachers and students connected to outdoor learning. Below is a poem written this year by a sophomore at Thetford Academy located in Thetford, VT. Enjoy!

Life on our planet is a fragile thing, That we are too happy to take for granted We, as humans, are happy to sit idle, While our great wilderness that lies enchanted, Dies slowly in our palm. Too often we hear the cries of men, Yelling vainly for all to hear, Wanting to tell the masses just what to do, To save us from a fate so near. And often too we hear those who swear, That they'll do whatever it takes, To prevent the fate that leers so near, But when these same men, Learn that it might inconvenience them, These big words are quick to disappear. Why do we do this to ourselves? As the threat looms bigger and bigger? We claim so much that we are being shot, When it is we who pull the trigger So take away this my friend, From a topic so sad and blue, And remember one thing, The only person who can change this, IS YOU! By Finn Liland


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