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Frog Chorus

I love mucking about in the forests in the spring, especially when there are vernal pools nearby. It's usually easy to find the vernal pools, because the wood frogs are calling so loudly. I follow my ears to the ephemeral pond then start carefully moving around it looking for egg masses. All the frogs go silent as soon as I show up, but I've found if I sit still and wait long enough, they might just start callling again.

The Cable Natural History Museum in Wisconsin created an awesome frog chorus animation that I recently shared on our "Get Outside and Learn" facebook posts. If you missed it, check out the link below. This is there description:

"Spring and Summer in 22 seconds! In this animation, eight common species of frogs (including a toad!) give their calls through the season. Wood frog, boreal chorus frog, spring peeper, northern leopard frog, American toad, Gray treefrog, green frog, and bullfrog. See if you can identify each species as it joins the chorus.

Full First Grade-level lesson (including individual calls of the frogs) is now available at:"


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