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Apple Picking

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is pick apples. I eat an apple almost everyday all year long, but fresh apples, picked right off the tree are the best of all. I also like to make apple pies, especially gluten & sugar free ones, so I can partake in them too! The past 2 years I had the fun of harvesting many of the apples in the County Orchard. I would set up a tarp and then climb a tree and shake the apples onto the tarp below. We used some of the apples to make cider to give away a public events and others we bagged up and offered to county staff. This year the orchard is being leased by a local farmer, so my tree climbing days are over. I'm sure I'll still go pick some apples at one of the many local orchards in and around Sullivan County, but I'll probably do it from the ground.


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