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A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Students at Charlestown Middle School and AVA Gallery created beautiful works of art for the Conservation Districts Seed Packet Art Project. The theme was butterflies this year, one of my favorite groups of animals, that happen to be pollinators as well. The art that was created is transferred to labels that adorn seed packets that contain native perennial wildflowers that provide bountiful nectar and pollen sources all season long. Butterflies are just one group of pollinators that visit these plants each growing season. Bees, moths, hummingbirds, beetles, ants, and flies also pollinate the colorful blossoms.

Students used all kinds of medium to create their works. Many of them used native NH butterflies as their models. They drew monarchs and mourning cloaks, painted tiger swallowtails and skippers. There are over 100 different types of butterflies found in NH. Some only live in the alpine areas of the white mountains or the pine barrens in Concord. Others can be found in multiple habitats and the monarch can be seen migrating through in the fall. Butterfly larva, a.k.a. caterpillars, are also varied, colorful, and found on many different host plants. Caterpillars just might be the theme for next year's Seed Packet Art Project, so start observing them now. Thank you to all the young artists that submitted work this year! Check out the Seed Packet Art Gallery on our website or observe the original works of art on display at Saint Gaudens National Historical Park this summer. We'll let you know when the exhibit opens!


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