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The Subnivean Zone

As I was looking for tracks and signs of animals in the snowy landscape with Bluff Elementary 5th graders back in January, I noticed a place were small footprints disappeared down a hole into the snow, then reappeared a few feet later, then disappeared a final time into a hole near some bushes. I assumed it was some kind of microtine rodent - a mouse, shrew, vole or such and started to wonder what the story was here. When did it make those tracks? Was it at night or early in the morning or in the middle of the day? Why would it dig a tunnel into the snow in some places and come out in others? Did it have a nest in the bushes there or was it just moving through? Did any other animals use that

Where are the warmest places in a forest?

Did you know that deer mice stay active all winter long? They still have to move through the forest to find food, hide from predators, and stay warm doing it. A mouse is a small creature in a big forest, so what paths might they take? Probably the warmest ones! Where is the warmest spot in the forest? Let's find out! Which of these 5 places do you think is the warmest spot in the forest? In the water Near the water (shore) In open forest Near logs or stumps, At the base of a live tree Students from Charlestown and Claremont schools were asked this question in February. Then, they were split into groups with thermometers and data sheets to measure temperatures in these micro-habitats and rec

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