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Creek Crawl

One of my favorite activities once the water has warmed up just a bit is to go on a creek crawl. The cool water is refreshing, the rocks and other obstacles keep it interesting as I find my way slowly up or downstream. As I go, I peer into the water and search for little critters. I usually don't notice them until they move.

Then, I watch to see what they are doing. Sometimes I move a rock or two to see what is under it. I try to put it back where I found it in the same orientation, so anything that is living on it is right side up and in the same neighborhood. Some aquatic creatures are territorial and stay in a very small area their whole lives.

I'm fascinated by aquatic critters. As I observe them, I imagine what it would be like if I lived underwater. Would I have gills or breathe through my skin or have a tube on my body that could break the surface of the water, so I could breathe air? Would my skin be slimy to protect me from diseases. Would I live under a rock, in the leaf litter, in the fast, flowing riffles, or in the weeds along the edge?

Where is your favorite place to creek crawl?


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