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Meet Sandy Sonnichsen

Sandy worked as a fishery biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for more than 20 years doing all sorts of things. She worked at a fish hatchery analyzing the impacts of a proposed hydroelectric plant. She worked on a project where she wrote fish species life history and habitat requirements documents and mapped fish distribution for the whole state. She has done data analysis, report writing, project design and review, training, public relations, name it. When Sandy retired, she moved to New Hampshire and started working at area libraries and volunteering with local organizations. She currently lives in Goshen and is the chair of the Goshen Conservation Co

Winter Survival: Salamanders

Where do salamanders go during winter? Some aquatic salamanders (spring and northern two-lined) stay active in streams that do not freeze in the winter. Others burrow down in the mud or live in tunnels below the freeze line. When the air temperatures warm, they come up and look for food, otherwise they stay still to conserve energy. Some terrestrial salamanders utilize abandoned burrows and tunnels in the earth to get below the freeze line and hibernate during the winter. Their metabolisms slow down and they don't move during this time. They use the energy they have stored in their tails for survival. Others such as the spotted, marble, and Jefferson salamanders actually spend most of thei

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