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A Once Cozy Home

Stick season is a great time of year to look for bird nests from last spring. With many of the leaves off the trees, nests become visible and investigations into the previous occupants lives can begin.

If you find a nest, you can make some observations. Where is it in the tree - how high off of the ground, how close to the trunk. Is it resting on a "y" or crook in the tree?

If you are able to reach the nest, you might make some other observations. How wide is it? How deep? What is it made out of. How do you think the bird made this nest having only beak and feet to bring the materials to the nest?

You might find a nest guide and try to determine what kind of bird made the nest. Then, learn about how many baby birds might have grown up there and how long the may have stayed in the nest.

Some scientists even count and record the number of sticks, the number of grass stems, the number of hairs, etc. that make up the nest. If you pull apart the nest in anyway, make sure to wear a mask or be outdoors and you might want to wear gloves or at least make sure to wash your hands after your exploration. Be a community scientist and share your observations with Nest Watch.


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