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A Closer Look

Our perspectives shape the way we look at the world around us. When we take on a new perspective, it is usually accompanied by awe and wonder. One simple way to take a new perspective of the world is to zoom in to it. Now, I don't mean to learn about nature on the virtual meeting platform Zoom. What I mean is take a look at the world through a simple hand lens. 

A small crack in an acorn cap suddenly becomes a canyon! The grass in your backyard becomes a jungle with exotic creatures living in it.

It is amazing that every time I look more closely at something, I notice things I've never noticed before. Not only that, the complexity of nature becomes more and more apparent. For example, a "spore" on a fern frond actually is a container that holds many, many spores. An acorn cap is composed of tiny scales. 

So if you are getting a little bored of this world, grab a hand lens or binoculars or a telescope and take a closer look at the everyday nature around you. Hopefully you will be filled with wonder once again! 

And if you search "nature magnified photos: you will find some amazing images!


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