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Families Get Outside for Learning

As everyone adjusts to learning and working from home, don't forget what nature can offer during this time. In the Upper Valley, most of us are close to wide-open spaces where we can practice social distancing as we get some much needed fresh air.

Nature still offers all the things it did before. It is good for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. It provides a landscape for learning about natural and cultural history, inspiration for art, music, and creative writing, a place for physical activity, play, and discovery!

In the April edition of eNews, I have compiled resources from my colleagues all over the Upper Valley, that share ideas of how to do learning outside. You can find it in Resources for Educators. On our facebook page, I plan on adding an idea for learning outside everyday.

In addition to that, I would love to create a gallery to share pictures of families getting outside this spring. So take some photos of what you are doing outside and post it on our facebook page with #GetOutsideAndLearn, to inspire others to get outside too!

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