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Patriot is big and bountiful — the largest early-season blueberry. The fruit has an outstanding flavor fresh, baked, and in preserves. Freezes well too! Tolerates moisture, including clay type soils. As a landscape bonus, the plant features snowy blossoms in early summer and stunning orange leaves in fall. Introduced in 1976. Disease-resistant to root rot. Cold-hardy. Ripens in June. Self-pollinating, but will yield larger crops if you plant two or more.  Potted. 1 gallon. These come from Bascom Road Blueberry Farm in Newport, NH! 

Patriot Blueberry

  • Bascom Road Blueberry Farm is a family owned & operated pick your own and produce farm located in Newport, NH. They have been supplying the District with high quality potted blueberries for the spring plant sale since 2021. 

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