This mix comes with 5 Bluegold and 5 Herbert Blueberries. Buying bulk saves you 10%.


Bluegold Blueberry

The quality of the fruit is excellent with an attractive color. Good flavor and firm fruit makes Blue Gold an outstanding new mid-late season cultivar. It is tolerant to fluctuating temperatures. This cultivar is an excellent cold hardy (down to zone 3) and is able to withstand temps of -35F.  Compact bush of 3-4' in height, yields are consistent around 12lbs a bush. Ripens late July. The fall foliage is very attractive (golden yellow).  


Herbert Blueberry

Herbert Blueberry is one of the finest cultivated blueberries. Developed in 1932, introduced in 1953. Cold-hardy. It is a old time classic variety that's seeing new resurgence due to its flavor. Nearly one-inch fruit is perfectly sweet with a tart blueberry zing - great dessert quality for high sugar content. Fruit holds well and grows in large, light blue clusters on easy-to-pick branch tips. Late-blooming to avoid frost zaps. Ripens in early August. Self-pollinating, but will yield larger crops if pollinated with another blueberry variety. Leaves are an attractive shade of red in the fall.


These blueberries come from Bascom Road Blueberry Farm in Newport, NH!

Blueberry Mix (10 plants)