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Explore the Great Outdoors this Summer

There are many opportunities for families to enjoy the outdoors together this summer and learn something at the same time. Check out these ideas below! Visit Public Trails & Conservation Areas - The Upper Valley Land Trust (UVLT) prioritizes public access to natural areas. Follow the link to a map and annotated list of these public spaces. Also explore Sullivan County Lands, town forests, and other public lands this summer. Love Sullivan County - Check out a map of some people's favorite built places, green spaces, and things to do in Sullivan County. Super Quest - The Super Quest is a fun challenge that Vital Communities organizes every year. To complete the challenge, participants have fr

Who's lodging in the Pond? Part 2

A week ago, our new field technician, Todd Macomber, told Lionel and I about a place on the Unity Mountain trail near Marshall Pond that was flooded over. He thought beavers might be involved in some way. So,we all went out to take a look. I noticed that the pond level was really high for this time of year and I wasn't seeing any fresh beaver signs. All the beaver chews (trees with pointed tops) looked to be over 6 years old (based on the new twig growth sprouting from the stumps). When we got to the spot, there was a deeper area on one side filled with water and a mound of debris on the other that we could walk across. I was sure a large amount of water had deposited the debris there, but

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