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Follow the Eyeshine

Have you ever gone out at dusk or after dark with a flashlight and shined it into the woods or the edge of the lawn or bushes in your yard and seen eyes that seemed to glow looking back? In what seems like another lifetime, I used to search for wolf spiders and other nocturnal animals at least once a week with 15 or so kids at a time as we ventured into the forest on night walks. We kept the beam of our flashlights low searching the sides of the trails for small, but bright lights shining back at us. Eyeshine is caused by light striking a special membrane behind the retina of the eye called the tapetum. It reflects the light back out of the eye to the light source, making it look like the e

Meet Jeff & Chris Plant

Our volunteers are our shining lights! This past year, 29 volunteers accumulated over 380 hours of service to conservation in Sullivan County. We couldn't do all this good work without them and are so thankful. Read on to hear about 2 our amazing volunteers. Jeff and Chris Plant have lived in Cornish for over twenty years now. They moved from Keene when Jeff gat a job working in the Anesthesia Department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) as a Nurse Anesthetist. He did this until he retireed in 2015. Chris was the Clinical Resource Coordinator for the Trauma Service at DHMC until her retirement in 2014. Since they retired, they have traveled all over the world. When they are

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