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Winter Play & Learning

Winter is a wonderful time of year to get outside to play and learn. Many teachers in the Upper Valley are doing just that with their students. Younger students play in snow kitchens, use ice slides, measure snow depth, create snow volcanos and observe buds, while older students learn about strategies living things use to survive winter, the laws of thermodynamics, how to track animals, and winter tree identification. In winter, you don't have to worry about yellow jackets, ticks, or any other wildlife and most students come prepared to go outside for recess, so they already have what they need to stay warm and dry.

Arctic Wednesdays

Arctic Wednesday 2/6 Pre- Blog I am so excited!! As I am preparing to go up the Mountain, I have a million ideas swarming around in my head. Last week I shared with my 6-8th graders at Plainfield Elementary School about this amazing opportunity. Several of my students asked why I would want to go up to the top of Mount Washington in the winter and I said, “This is going to be an amazing experience and I’ll be able to bring so much information back to you.” I brought up the observatory weather data and we analyzed what it was saying and what it meant. We watched two of the facebook videos from last week that demonstrated the crazy changes in weather that the meteorologists at the summit

Woodcock Sky Courtship

The first time I witnessed the woodcock mating ritual was in Knoxville, Tennessee in early March in the backwoods of Ijams Nature Center. The senior naturalist, Stephen Lyn Bales, led a small group of us along an old farming road just before dusk. The spring peepers were calling in full force and the barred owls were waking up for the evening. We bushwhacked to a small clearing in the middle of a young forest with brush on all sides. Lyn directed us to the edge of the clearing and pointed out the spot where the woodcock was known to do his courtship dance. Then, we waited in silence as the shadows grew longer. Just when my patience was wearing thin, a bird about the size of my foot with a

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