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A Heartfelt Thanks

The close of the calendar year is a great time to reflect - to look back on all the work that has been accomplished in place-based education and outreach in the past 365 days. It is humbling to realize just how much has been done. And not by our staff alone, but through hours of dedicated work by our volunteers, program participants, and partner organizations. Volunteers logged 368 hours this year alone! We couldn't do it without you them! We will be appreciating these volunteers more formally at our 72nd Annual Awards Dinner on February 8th, 2019 at the Cornish Town Hall and sharing some of the wonderful work they are helping us accomplish in Sullivan County. Everyone is invited to atten

Persistent Berries

Ever wonder what non-migratory birds find to eat during the winter? Many of the brilliant red berries we bring in our homes this time of year to brighten it up have more than just an ornamental purpose. Berries, nuts, and seeds that ripen in autumn and stay on plants throughout the cold season are all important food sources for resident bird populations as well as for migratory birds in the fall and other animals throughout the year. So if you want to see songbirds near your home year round, you might consider planting some of the following native shrubs, trees and vines that have persistent fruit and berries. Mountain Ash Virginia Creeper Gray Dogwood Chokecherry Hawthorn Juniper Winterberr

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