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Seed Packet Art Gallery 2018

Sullivan County Middle and High School students submitted art to be displayed on Native Pollinator Seed Packets this spring. Area schools and local residents supporting conservation education through Plant Sale orders will receive the art and seeds. This project will hopefully increase awareness about the importance of pollinators and the role of native plants in our community. Thank you to all the young artists who contributed to this project! Click on the photos for information about each artist.

A Sense of Place

Special Places Take a moment to think about a place that is special to you. Where is it? What makes it so special? When asked these questions, many people respond with places they are intimately familiar with or places where transformation has happened. The majority of these places involve a water feature, invoke a sense of peace or home, and remind the person of good memories that they want to relive by telling the story of their connection to others. Fostering a Sense of Place It doesn't always take a lot of time to make this kind of connection to a place, though multiple visits over a period of time in a diversity of seasons will help foster it. The quality of the experience plays an i

Here Come the Songbirds

I don't know about you, but I look forward to return of the songbirds every year. Their spring migration coincides with the return of color in the landscape and an increase in the diversity of sounds in nature's orchestra. The whole worlds seems to come alive again including our human communities. In 2014, I had the opportunity to go down to Dauphin Island, Alabama in April, just as the first songbirds were making their way to land after traveling for days across the Gulf of Mexico. I had just watched the movie, The Big Year, and my best friend, whom I was traveling with, is a lifelong birder, so I had heard of a phenomenon called, Fall out, but never expected to experience it. Fall out i

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