Find past newsletter articles, press releases, and other media showcasing local agriculture, placed-based education, and conservation of natural resources in Sullivan County.

Teachers as Learners

Over the course of 2 days, a few teachers from Bluff Elementary School experienced first hand how place-based, student-centered learning techniques can inspire life-long learners. Place-based education(PBE) engages the senses, encourages curiosity and creates an exciting, thought provoking, wonder-filled learning environment that helps students to make sense of the world around them. Teachers become co-learners with their students and create opportunities for them to reflect on how they learn, not just what they have learned. Your students like to learn and learn best the same way you do! Each session of the PBE 2-Day Workshop held at Saint Gaudens and on Sullivan County Lands, was c

Raising Monarchs

Mid-July, I noticed a female monarch butterfly laying her eggs on some milkweed, so I collected a few, well more than a few, 35 eggs to be exact, to raise at home. Even though I have observed butterflies for most of my life, I have never raised one from an egg before, so I quickly searched online to find out what I needed and how I should care for my soon to be emerging caterpillars. I found out that I had a matter of a few days before I would need to start providing a continuous supply of fresh milkweed leaves for them to eat. And as they got bigger, they would need more and more. I ordered all the necessary supplies, read a book on raising monarchs, and started to scope out the places nea

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